STACK and file managers

Some time ago I moved from Dropbox to STACK, a file hosting service from Dutch hosting provider TransIP. For a long time I used the two services side by side, meaning to leave Dropbox at a certain point. But before I really took the step, a few years passed because re-syncing half a terabyte takes quite some effort. Eventually Dropbox made it easy a few years ago when it stopped supporting encrypted ext4 filesystems (which it supports again, but that was too late).

I’ve got to admit some collaboration options are not ideal on STACK. You can’t easily share a directory with someone else and collaborate in that directory. Others would have to download and upload files via a web browser to alter files. It works, but it is not ideal. Many request this as an option, and apparently it is native to OwnCloud, on which STACK is based.

On the other hand it supports WebDAV and sftp which gives it a wide range of possibilities. And 2FA, of course. So overall I’m pretty happy with the service. Only it lacked those nice icons on Ubuntu telling you if a file is actually synced or not…

Add icons in GNOME Files (or other file managers)

It turns out there’s more in the STACK repositories than they tell you when you navigate to the Linux installation page. Just a simple

apt search stack-client

tells you there’s an integration for Nautilus (GNOME Files), Caja (Mate), Dolphin (KDE) and Nemo (Cinnamon/Mint).

This gives you those nice little notification icons at the bottom right of the files or directories which are synced to your STACK.


Krijn Soeteman is a Dutch science and technology journalist. He majored in the history of art and architecture. After his studies he started as a music video producer. This led to producing a Museum Night at the NEMO Science Museum, which eventually led to science journalism. And much more.

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