Headers #8

Header #8
Header #8
Jaagpad under Ringweg A10 Amsterdam
Jaagpad under Ringweg A10 Amsterdam

Foto: Krijn Soeteman
Date: March 2014
Camera: Kodak Brownie Hawkeye model 2

I used this header for the site for approximately seven months, until November 4, 2014.

The Brownie has some lens distortions which I like. It’s also hardly possible to know exactly what you shoot, so there’s quite a large error margin. Apparently I left the camera for a long time before I shot this photo, as it’s quite dusty. I always turn the wheel so the next photo can be taken immediately (and so you know you’re not shooting over another pic). This means that when you leave it for a while, dust will aggregate on the film. Hence: dust!

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Krijn Soeteman is a Dutch science and technology journalist. He majored in the history of art and architecture. After his studies he started as a music video producer. This led to producing a Museum Night at the NEMO Science Museum, which eventually led to science journalism. And much more.

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