rkhunter tutorial

Just as a reminder for myself (mainly for when I receive a warning by email and don’t remember some of the CLI commands ;-) )

This website DigitalOcean has a very well written, clear tutorial:

“How To Use RKHunter to Guard Against Rootkits on an Ubuntu VPS”
Exposing any computer to the internet is in some ways risky. There are many ways that your server can be compromised or attacked by remote systems and malicious software, and it is an ongoing and proactive process to defend yourself against potential threats.
One potential concern is rootkits. Rootkits are software secretly installed by a malicious intruder to allow that user continued access to the server once security is breached. This is an extremely dangerous problem, because even after the entry vector that the user originally used to gain access is fixed, they can continue to enter the server using the rootkit they installed.
One tool that can help you protect your system from these kinds of problems isrkhunter. This software checks your system against a database of known rootkits. Additionally, it can check other system files to make sure they are in line with expected properties and values.
In this guide, we will install and configure rkhunter to protect our Ubuntu 12.04 VPS.
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It says Ubuntu 12.04, but I just used it on 14.04. It’s not really an application type to change quickly.

There’s one thing I would add for those who’ve never set up a cronjob using the crontab command. It saves as a temp. file, but will work.


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