Mutts and grains of sand

The Dutch newspaper “Parool” features a comic called “Mutts“. It’s one of those comics which do not make you laugh out loud, but make you think and eventually smile.

Recently it featured a sequence on vacation. One of the characters – Mooch – collects grains of sand. He sees the world in grains of sand. Two days later another character – Earl – asks “Couldn’t you find any shells?”
Mooch answers: “Not a one.”

Mooch was probably collecting shells, lot’s of them, without his knowledge. Look at the beautiful pictures from the book A Grain of Sand by Gary Greenberg. I see shells there!

The tip of a spiral shell has broken off and become a grain of sand. It is opalescent from the repeated tumbling action of the surf. Surrounding the shell fragment are five other sand grains, from top middle clockwise, (1) a pink shell fragment, (2) a foram, (3) a microscopic shell, (4) a volcanic melt, and (5) a bit of coral. Image Copyright © 2008 Dr. Gary Greenberg, All Rights Reserved.
Recent comments in the Parool showed that there are at least a few people who dislike the Mutts-cartoon. Perhaps sometimes the translation from English to Dutch may not work very good, generally it’s fine and I think those people don’t have a clue what they’re talking about!
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